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2020 Valedictorians: Jade and Shaneek

MANS Valedictorians Look Back—and Forward to Burman University 


In a historic graduation set in the COVID-19 pandemic, two best friends became co-Valedictorians. Jade Rabbit and Shaneek Roasting share with Lyle Notice about their experience and future plans. 


Shaneek's Grade 12 Graduation Portrait
Shaneek's Grade 12 Graduation Portrait

LYLE: Welcome Jade and Shaneek! Now you just graduated from MANS. How do you feel?

JADE: Great and sad.

SHANEEK: It’s different.

LYLE:  You had to do that through COVID-19! How was school with COVID?

JADE: It was kind of bad actually. I don’t do great with online school.

SHANEEK: We became less motivated.

JADE: But we still did it. Me and Shaneek, on our last day to hand in all our assignments, both stayed up until 8 AM, handing in every single assignment we had missed.

LYLE: So you are best friends?

BOTH: Yes.

LYLE: I understand that there were some firsts the Class of 2020, some actual records–-the biggest class to graduate in the history of MANS, since 2015! And the first MANS class to have not one but two valedictorians. And that was you two. Did you have super high GPA’s?

BOTH: Above 80 at least.

Jade's Grade 12 Graduation Portrait
Jade's Grade 12 Graduation Portrait

LYLE: Nice! What’s next for you?

BOTH: Burman University.

LYLE: I love this story: Two best friends are valedictorians, and now you’re both going to the same university. How does that feel?

Together: So great! Super fun!

JADE: It’s nice to have someone who is doing the same thing as me and we’re always there to support each other and have each other’s back. It’s just comforting to know I have someone there.

LYLE: Jade, you were Student Body president and captain of the volleyball team, and assisted with MANS’ efforts to supply food for those at- risk during COVID. Did that help you with the scholarships?

JADE: Yes, I got an athletic scholarship for the volleyball so that’s definitely going to help. Then being president, I really connected with the school. Always trying to do something with them helped me a lot.

LYLE: Definitely a true leader! Did you know each other before you came to MANS?


JADE: I came in Grade 10 but I was in kindergarten for half a year.

SHANEEK: I went through the elementary school – from Kindergarten [to Grade 12].

LYLE: When you think of MANS and your journey, what are you going to take away?

SHANEEK: The teachers’ compassion for us students. They are so helpful and always pushing us to do our best.

JADE: Definitely—and all the relationships that I’ve made. Not just the connections at MANS but we’ve been to Burman a couple of times already because of [teachers at MANS]; they are giving us their connections in life. So no matter what, we will always have them and others to support us. I really love that.

LYLE: It’s been powerful! These two young leaders on the precipice of doing amazing things! And none of this could have been done without MANS and the teachers there. This is such a beautiful story of human potential and how God can take something and make great things with our students. Jade and Shaneek, thank you so much for being here.