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About Our Donors

Taking First Nations Teens to Higher Education

Our goal? To change lives and change expectations by making high school graduation and post-secondary education a reality for our graduates.

With the help of generous donors, volunteers, and community members, we invested over $4.9 million to build a new high school facility with a modern gymnasium, kitchen, band room, classrooms, library, and a Cree Cultural Centre and an Industrial Arts Centre.

By expanding our campus and curriculum, we will continue MANS' positive impact for our students like Coralie and Shaneek and Krista, and First Nations youth like them. 

Photos of the new buildings are below. You can learn more about our Grand Opening and how our students feel about their new campus here; a breakdown of The Bridge Campaign's donation sources can be found here


New Facility Photo Gallery


  • Operating a new facility: We built a new facility to house labs, shop facilities and other educational amenities necessary for a comprehensive Alberta Education curriculum. These facilities are large enough to accommodate the classes rising through the MANS system, and others who meet entrance requirements.
  • Offering a Transportation program: Most Maskwacis families, spread across a wide geographic distance on the Reserve, would be hard-pressed to drive their children to and from school on a daily basis, so Mamawi provides bussing to all students. Additional buses for a growing student body will increase transportation costs.
  • Establishing Scholarships & Bursaries: Investing in a MANS graduate sends an important message of support and confidence. Scholarships strengthen the ties of alumni to their school community. As graduates become “success stores” they can have a powerful impact on younger students as positive role models.
  • Providing a Nutrition program: In keeping with MANS’ philosophy of caring for the whole child, supplemental meals are provided as needed.
  • Offering After School programs: Building confidence through sports and other skilled activities also keeps students in a safe environment during a critical time of the day, when they are more likely to be exposed to gangs.
  • Extending New Horizons/Post Secondary Support program: MANS’ counseling office offers university and career training education and exposure. Funds are needed to continue this essential service. In addition, to support gradates, an aboriginal student liaison position at a small private university within easy driving distance of the Reserve is proposed.